Your Ride, Your Way

Life Is a Cycle.

It is full of hills and valleys, with each person finding their own way, in their own time. Some are going for a win - others are enjoying the journey. The places you go, and the adventures you take, are just as important as the bike that takes you there.

That’s why we help you find your ride, your way.

You don’t come to the Bike Station just to find the best bikes in New Zealand - which you do - you come for reconnection. To reconnect with friends, reconnect with nature, and to reconnect with yourself. Because there is no better way to stay grounded than to soar across a dusty track with two wheels and a tail-wind.

Whether you’re looking for a fully spec’d electric trail bike, or you don’t know a Cruiser from a Fixie - don’t worry. We’ve done all the legwork on the bike, so you can do the legwork on the ride. Behind all our bikes lies years of experience from us - ahead lies years of adventure for you.

Wherever you are, and wherever you’re going, we’ll help you get there. Come in and meet our team, talk about bikes, and have a coffee. You’ll be in good company at The Bike Station.

Photo Credit - MarlboroughNZ