Instead of being shut away in a back-room our mechanics enjoy a workshop that's open to the retail store and our customers 7-days a week.

It’s a two way thing, our mechanics get to know you and your bikes and you get to know our great mechanics and see for yourself just how clever they are.

We encourage you to pull up a seat and enjoy one of our Sublime coffees.


Service Menu

Bike Station Service Badges 1@2x-100.jpg

Station Basic $70

Check, Adjust, Tune:

  • Brakes
  • Gears
  • Wheels
  • Chain
  • Headset
  • Hubs
  • Bottom Bracket
  • Tyres
  • Basic Clean
Bike Station Service Badges 2@2x-100.jpg

Station standard $120

The Station Basic plus:

  • Replace Gear/Brake Cables
  • Grease Bearings
  • Clean and Lube Chain (or replace)
  • Replace Brake/Disc Pads(if required)
  • Complete Bike Wash
Bike Station Service Badges 3@2x-100.jpg

Station deluxE $200/250*

The Station Standard plus:

  • True Wheels
  • Replace Tyres (if required)
  • Overhaul Moving Parts
  • Set Suspension
  • Bleed Hydraulic Brakes
  • Replace Road Bike Bar Tape

* Road bikes $200, Mountain bikes $250


Puncture Repair (tubed) $10
Puncture w/hub Gear Motor $25
Tubeless (incl. goo) $40
Truing $15-$30
Spoke Replacement $30
Wheel Builds from $60
Tubeless Conversion $70 p/wheel- (includes valve, tape & goo)
Hub Service - Front $35 / Rear $50


Brakes (per brake)

Check & Tune $15
Fit New Pads $15
Fit New Cable $15
Fit New Disc Brake $30
Hydraulic Bleed (+ brake fluid) $35 p/end


Custom Builds

Let’s Have a Chat!


Lower Leg Service (seals & fluid extra) $70
Fork Rebuild (includes damper) $140
Full Rebuild (damper & air spring) $210
Travel/Volume Change $45



Air Can Service $70
Full Rebuild $140
Bush Replacement $25
Setup Consultation – Whatever We’re Drinking


Dropper Post

Dropper Install $20-$40
Reverb Bleed $30
Fit New Cable $15
Full Rebuild - From $100


Check & Tune $15
Fit New Cable $15
Fit New Mech $30
Fit New Chain $15
Fit New Cassette $20
Drivetrain Degrease $60


Random Tasks

Bar Tape $20
Fit Mudguard, Rack or Baby Seat $20            Fit Computer $20                                            Fit Bike Carrier $20                                          Fit Training Wheels or Kickstand $15            Box A Bike (includes free box) $60
Build From Box $70


Extra Special Stuff

Exorcisms - By the hour
Make it a Minter Mate - Refer Deluxe Tune
Creak Chase - Beer for Sanity’s Sake


* Rates Are Labour Only – Parts Cost Extra