PIVOT Shuttle SL


Trail Ridings New Pulse

“The Shuttle SL bridges the gap between an analog bike and E-bike and gets you much closer to that traditional analog feel, it’s almost imperceptible when riding the Shuttle SL. We did this by honing in on the power to weight ratio, to create a playful, yet powerful e-bike”
- Chris Cocalis, Pivot Cycles President/CEO

Flipping the script that most e-bike builders are following, Pivot decided to focus on what matters - the dynamic of trail riding - and placed an emphasis on light weight, refined suspension, crisp handling, and game-changing performance.

A 60Nm FAZUA motor, combined with a 430Wh battery, that is nestled in the downtube provides added punch to your ride, giving you the power to smash climbs and the pop for bigger moves, letting you ride farther, better, and faster. The motor and battery are situated low and close to the centre of gravity - a key aspect of the Shuttle SL's dynamic handling.

Smooth, stealthy, and as nimble as any unassisted trail bike, the Shuttle SL will turn skeptics into singletrack superheroes.

Additional specifications and size guide can be found here