We sell a large range of premium bikes to suit every need and riding style.

We help you choose the right bike and get it set up just for you. 

Kona Process 134

Kona Process 134

Mountain Bikes

Nelson is arguable the mountain biking mecca of NZ (and one of the World’s best mountain biking destinations) and with such acclaim and tough terrain comes a challenging task - helping you choose the right bike to enjoy it. We think with Pivot, Focus, Kona, Marin and Merida as our main brands we can cover some pretty good territory. Geometry is the key to riding in our hills and we only stock the models we know will suit the local rider. Hardtail or Dual-Suspension we have a bike that will work hard while you play hard. 

We supply these brands of mountain bikes:
Pivot, Kona, Marin, Merida, Focus

Focus Sam²

Focus Sam²

Electric Bikes

E-Bikes have revolutionised cycling. For many an E-Bike solves a problem. Whether it be the long commute to work, the steep hill or driveway to home or simply the ability to keep up with their mates on the trails. Perhaps where a spine, hip or knee injury prevented them from enjoying biking, an E-Bike suddenly provides the assistance needed to get them pedaling again. And where a simple lack of fitness has stopped someone from joining their mates on a ride an E-Bike allows them to keep up and enjoy the ride.

We have a great range of pedal assisted E-Bikes that offer performance, range and reliability and knowledgeable staff who will see you get going on your next adventure.

We supply these brands of E-bikes:
Focus, Merida, Kona, Pivot, Kalkhoff, Cube, Avanti

Kona Honzo 24

Kona Honzo 24

Kids Bikes

We know what it’s like. As parents of three children we have been faced with choosing the right bike on numerous occasions. With that in mind our focus is to make it as easy as possible for you to get your child on the right bike. One that suits the type of riding they’ll be doing and most importantly, one that fits them!

It’s a two pronged approached. No.1 provide bikes across the size range and gender. No.2 Inspire confidence in kids by providing a platform that enables parents to economically keep their kids in the right sized bike. Our kids trade-in programme does just that……but we won’t give out all of our winning secrets. Come in store, check our our range and see what this all means for you and your little one!

We supply these brands of kids bikes:
Focus, Kona, Marin, Merida, Avanti

Focus Izalco Max

Focus Izalco Max

Road Bikes

Speed and efficiency are key when you're choosing a road bike - but there is so much more to it than that. You need to be comfortable to be efficient, and you need the bike to perform on the terrain you ride most often. A super stiff aero bike might be fast in the wind tunnel, but on rough or hilly roads might not be as quick as a more compliant/comfortable bike. 

We know road bikes, we also know how to help you choose the bike that is perfect for your needs. Come in for a chat - we stock a wide range and can help you make the right choice.

We supply these brands of road bikes:
Cervelo, Focus, Kona, Merida, Avanti, Surly


Gravel/Adventure Bikes

Gravel grinding, bike packing, grand fondo, adventure riding - basically getting on your bike and heading off for a long ride and being ready for whatever you experience along the way. There is nothing more liberating than getting back to nature on two wheels. We supply a wide range of high quality bikes that can adapt to whatever journey you take them on - we also stock a full range of accessories and packs so no matter how long your ride ends up being you'll be well prepared

We supply these brands of gravel/adventure bikes:
Surly, Focus, Kona, Merida, Surly, Ritchey

focus commute.jpg

Commuter Bikes

Nelson has one of the highest rates of commuter cycling in NZ (according to the recent census data) and for good reason. Great weather, flat(ish) routes in and out of the city, car congestion and parking problems - using a bike to get into and out of the city for work, school, or just going about your day to day life is a super choice. We stock a wide range of high quality, thoughtfully designed, commuter bikes that look stylish, are easy to maintain and will have you enjoying your daily commute instead of hating it. Whatever your choice, traditional or electric, we have the commuter bike just right for you.

We supply these brands of commuter bikes:
Focus, Kalkhoff, Kona, Merida, Avanti, Yuba, Surly,


Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes are everywhere - and for good reason. When you can comfortably carry two children and a weeks shopping on your bike it makes you question why you ever needed a car. Add in an electric motor so you can cruise up the hills and you have the best of both worlds. We supply a wide range of stylish cargo bikes to suit everyone's needs - come in for a chat and we can help you find the perfect bike for your families needs.

We supply these brands of cargo bikes:
Yuba, Tern, Christiana, Kona


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